The Executioner – Prologue

In 1914 the world was shocked by the discovery of individuals gifted with powers and abilities previously thought to be mythological. Governments did not hesitate to weaponize those individuals, throwing them into the fires of industrial warfare, and from it rose the world’s first superheroes presided over by a hastily formed oversight council who monitored these new gods of the modern era. The council declared itself with only one public face: The Executioner. empowered to watch and pass judgment on those gods that would abuse their charges. It is now 2020, and the golden age is long past, but being of immense power still exists in our world. The mission remains. A long-faded shade returns. The powerful have grown in their corruption. The world cries out for justice and the call will be answered.

Book 1 Synopsis “The Truth”

Encapsulating the hidden history of The Executioner, former hero hunter Carl Bertram undertakes one last job against his most dangerous opponent yet: the super-powered Spartan warrior known as The Gorgon.

Book 2 Synopsis “Soldier’s Story”

Gina Jeanson was a soldier’s soldier. Capable, scrupulous, and tough she sought to be all that she could be entering the elite Spartan training program. When she was made to choose between glory and honor, she lost everything. Until a crippled Executioner approached her with a new path.

Book 3 Synopsis “The Hunt for the Executioner”

Things go awry when, on a mission to execute a dangerous cannibal the high-tech praetorians of the Spartan Program, The Furiae, attempt to take bring in the Executioner dead or alive. And, a ghost rises from the dead.

Book 4 Synopsis “Enemy of the State”

The mysterious Cyber-Gorgon arrives with but a single mission: destroy all enemies. Can the Executioner elude this literal murder machine and her pursuers in the Furiae? The Hunt ends here!