Rif’s Commission Rates


We're happy to do all art featuring male, female characters as well as individuals of any other sort both human, non-human alike.

For any custom works such as comics, images with 3 or more characters you should use our contact us form to discuss your commission with us.

Alternatively you can join us on our Discord

We aim to complete work within two months of when it has been paid for.

Commission process

We handle commissions in the following way

  1. 1. Initial Contact – You email us and ask us for a quote or fill out our commission form with the details of the work you want carried out.
  2. 2. Wait Period – Because of the volume of work we have, your commission will go into a wait queue until our current batch of work has been completed.
  3. 3. Follow up Contact – We send you an invoice for the work you have submitted to us, and if needed send you an email asking you to confirm you wish to go ahead with the work.
  4. 4. Periodic Updates – Depending on the level of work being carried out we will contact you first with rough sketches to confirm generalities of the picture, then more detailed updates. These updates will be your chance adjust our work (within reason).
  5. 5. Completion – We will email you the finished work, confirm receipt and close your commission.